For Dominica with Love- Citizens and NGO’s of St.Kitts-Nevis Came Together in UNITY to assist the People of Dominica

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Originally posted on TIMES CARIBBEAN ONLINE:

The Rotary Club of Liamuiga, Rotary Club of St. Kitts, St. Kitts Rotaract, St. Christopher Air & Sea Port Authority, St. Kitts Port Authority Sports Club, St. Kitts Red Cross, St. Kitts business community and general citizenry give aid to the Commonwealth of Dominica in the aftermath ofTropical Storm Erika.

The Rotary Clubs coordinated the effort and  arranged to send much-needed supplies, by boat, to Dominica on Saturday evening  to aid residents there.

President of the Rotary Club of Liamuiga, Tuffida Stewart explained the decision to organise the relief effort.

“The Rotary Club of Liamigua, as you know, is a humanitarian organisation and this is essentially what we do. Generally, whenever there is a catastrophe, the Rotary clubs around the world, around the region come together to see what we can do to help and the Rotary Club of Liamigua is no exception,” she said.

“We’ve decided to not wait…

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Office of The Arts and Social Politics

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I am a wordslingah (poet/writer/artiste) intent on infecting your soul with my syllables and a constant yearning to be be you, free, living and loving a free you.   
#poTreeInnaCity :- the pain filled passion that is the vibe in a town center
#GenXChete :-  who are these people who were in high school between 1978-1988?

(what could I add to the above about the adventure I wish to embark upon in 2015 to convince you to sponsor my journey?)  email   with your response. 

Thank You,
Cindy A Quashie

Mobilities and the Border of Whiteness

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Originally posted on Processed Life:

This is a talk that I prepared for an event about the asylum policy in the Netherlands and how it affects refugees:

In this talk I want to highlight the role that anti-blackness has played—and still plays—in shaping official migration policies. More often than not, the role that anti-blackness plays in state policies remains unmentioned.

Counter to popular political actions, I want to unsettle the relatively “safe” position of those of us who are documented. My main project is to question and undermine the system of documentation itself—to think beyond citizenship. To that end, I would like us to think about why it is so that the state determines which movements are legitimate, and which aren’t. Why is no movement ‘free’—unless it is in service of corporate capital? The basic question I want us to wrestle with is, why do we need to be documented in order to be able…

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Beg Before You Go Broke #bbygb

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A whiff of Autumn’s Wind
stink with new rain and
I fall in with her shattered breezes
releasing last leaves
to fond farewell damp concrete. 


THE One thing we have in common

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Whether we trade, barter or swipe it on a charge card, everybody respects money.  @brokepimpstyles
11.16.2014  01:23AM PDT Seattle, WA #poTreeInnaCity

Social MyDear

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.@twitter is for lonely people who are not alone.
.@instagram is for people who are alone. 
.@facebook is for people who want to be alone without feeling lonely.
😘 @brokepimpstyles

#BlameTheBlack – #ELECTION2014 analysis

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The Republicans have done NOTHING since 11-05-2008 while the  Democrats did #HILARY2016. 

Politically Correct (W)hites have no honor.  Their forked tongues slithered through their nostrils for two years claiming ADVISORY roles during the healthcare debate.

If the GOP decriminalize Cannabis and/or Democrats do not run Warren/Sanders then ALEC+KOCH will own the executive branch in two years.


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