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.@twitter is for lonely people who are not alone.
.@instagram is for people who are alone. 
.@facebook is for people who want to be alone without feeling lonely.
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#BlameTheBlack – #ELECTION2014 analysis

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The Republicans have done NOTHING since 11-05-2008 while the  Democrats did #HILARY2016. 

Politically Correct (W)hites have no honor.  Their forked tongues slithered through their nostrils for two years claiming ADVISORY roles during the healthcare debate.

If the GOP decriminalize Cannabis and/or Democrats do not run Warren/Sanders then ALEC+KOCH will own the executive branch in two years.

The i$H!

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people say SLAVE when they can’t afford me. SERVANT to impress they friends.  SAVIOR when they neck in a noose and SINNER if a ‘ont free them. 

#poTreeInnaCity #GenXChete
09262014© Mdm Cindy A. Quashie
Seattle, WA 98121

(from “It a’int ma fault, white trash is not recyclable”) 

0 – 100 #pOTreeInnaCity remix

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SIR Commander-in-Cheif SIR! .@Barack Obama How did U.S. get from Chicago, IL November 2008 to #FERGUSON, MO May 2014? SIR!
Mdm Cindy A Quashie .@brokepimpstyles Seattle, WA #USA


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ladies from European Courts who migrated to Africa, Asia and America AFTER The 1865 Geneva Convention birthed the false patriarchs administering EVERY #KillerCop #War.  If #DEMS run #Hilary2016, EARTH loses. 🔯  -cindyAquashie- 081514 11:11AM PDT SEATTLE, WA  🔯


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TwoDaze 1984 and Y2K callerhided  #poTreeInnaCity #GenXChete change your password #EndAparthied (july182oo4) fu$aymi😜

Act A Nazi

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end times war against
Palestinian Women
Israeli Children
coerced by Netanyahu’s
religious demands

@brokepimpstyles 07182014 Cindy Adrienne Quashie, Seattle WA USA #poTreeInnaCity