Dear Sir .@marclamonthill .@CNN .@BET .@huffpost

as a #GenXer, artiste and owner of a n underground hip-hop magazine in 1990s MIAMI, I expect a certain level of cultural literacy and technological mastery from someone like yourself with the positions you hold.

But most important to me is the idea widely peddled by K-Street & Madison Avenue wherein my heritage and KinFolk are somehow simultaneously the origin of sin AND must be savior for all world sinners. 

Now, I do not know any of you gentlemen in any fashion.  I write to you to ask you take time to resolve that you are an outcast on 2014 Twitter because you have all the jobs that ’90s Miami refused. 

The one calling U.S. sinners (Huff post),
demanding saviors (CNN) and  pro-fan with  ‘promo-use’ only record collection (BET).

Mdm. Cindy A. Quashie, 
Seattle, WA
(FreeGround Magazine was created, owned and published by my sole proprietorship, Liamuiguan Caribs Syndicate in Opa Locka, FL)


~ by brokepimpstyles on June 29, 2014.

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