“Soul Travels: After The Fall”

(w)hite Tolerators and HIStory-ical (B)lacks are The Crack Cancer Virus I call COWARD!

They walked unto The Battlefield after The 1865 Geneva Convention and adorned themselves in Dead People clothes.

This COWARD-ice keeps Ma America The Beautiful a cold ugly space where Human Beings  struggle just to breathe in a “politically-correct” manner.

iAm ALL 360º of police,  prisoner, preacher, porchmonkey and playah blood of Ma Ancestors,  Before Times People, KinFolk and neighbors.   This is Ma Wealth.

And it is for Ma Survival that I live this life with every drop of Ma Inheritance.

Currently,  I am working at keeping a journal of observations made as I negotiate the Healthcare and Disability Services System to (re)establish my identity.

This path is littered with (w)hite Tolerators and HIStory-ical  (B)lacks who having been trained as “politically-correct” jobbers, realize no fault in the callous disregard that their credit scores afford them in their thinking a zip code/area code and smartphone makes them superior to A Carib-American NEGA Woman Artiste.

Along this PERSONAL journey, I am gifted with knowledge gained  working with Ma KinFolk and Neighbors in Dieppe Bay, Hamilton, Toronto,  Frederiksted, Brooklyn, Old San Juan, Opa Locka, Carol City, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

I am bolstered by a half-penny I paid as dues in 1968 to join The Trades and Labor Union. 
I am blessed having been educated in a luxuriously gifted monk fashion by SUPERB EDUCATORS from The Methodist Church of The Caribbean and Americas, where I completed school and began teaching in 1973 at six years old.

I Lifted MaSelf up from crawling on broken glass with a sucessful plea to attend The University of Miami Caribbean Writers’ Workshop in 1995, where as the Lone Carib-American and only person WITHOUT a corporate book deal, I facilitated after-hours comprehension and understanding sessions to enhance the experience of those West Indians.

I created and implemented an Intergrenerational Literary Arts Workshop in Broward County in 1997.

I interned at South Florida Public Radio Stations with Mr. Clint O’Neal,  Mr. Arturo Gomez and Mr. Dayne Dickson.

Surely,  with all that and more, I can negotiate my way successfully through the Healthcare and Disability Services apparatus in Seattle.

not so fast.

apparently,  the cold, ugly crack cancer vurus that is politically-correct COWARD jobbers think I am required to give them ‘something’ they do not possess.



~ by brokepimpstyles on April 16, 2014.

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