A Prayer for US

May we no longer wallow in uncomfortable comfort.

May we awake from the slumber that allows us the belief that our community can survive the loss of a generation.

May we respect and not misuse the courage of our warriors. For death comes not to the heart that beats no more but to those left to mourn the void left by it’s passing.

May the unconditional love and honesty of those no longer here surround us as a reminder that even when we lose ourselves they are never lost to us.

May we be blessed to dispense the realities of our existence to our children.

May we put an end to that which allows so many of our hopes to be born to death.

May we understand that true peace comes from doing what is just.

May we not aspire to or worship false standards of beauty, but nurture the uninhibited expressions of our individual souls.

May we grow to understand that to solidify the whole we must appreciate all the parts; for the problem is not what we are watching but those of us doing the viewing.

May Jah’s guidance be ours as we venture into the years of tomorrows.

SoulPenned December 31, 1992, Miami, FL © cindy adrienne quashie


~ by brokepimpstyles on March 25, 2012.

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