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me and sleep ain’t ne’er bin friends.

but, these past couple nights is
nightmares from happy valley
keeping us apart


“RANDOM CHANGE JUST FOUND 00:56am pst 11.11.11  IN MY HOME”*
.25 cents
1995 – The U (Grad Dept of English)
1985 – Move to Miami
1977 – 10 waiting to go to BJHS since i was 6
really cool 2010 Yosemite quarter dollar
The Palmetto State (i want to go live there) 2000

2011 – Liberty? when 00:01am pst 01.01.12 comes
1964 – Chevrolet Impala (Noir-Cloud DropTop)
1988 – Bachelors of Arts, Carlow College, Pittsburgh, PA
2006 – i can’t recall shit

dime pieces
1969 – Deuce Trumps Ace – Big Bell-Ley!
1985 – Move from Frederiksted
2011 – another one? strouuuuups, fuck the pennies.

(*the money poem here keeping me afloat)


~ by brokepimpstyles on November 11, 2011.

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