do you burn your hair?

Female figure on a gourd, Akan peoples, Ghana,...

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she asked me

she said again, the ends
i started replying about curing irons

she asked again
no, i mean when you combed it out
the dead ends
do you burn your hair?

i was transported from this place
where i had just met her
lonely drowning me

i was transformed in this space
where i had just met her
family, again, for the very first time

and i replied yes for-
bad people trap birds to make crazy nests
she completed my sentence
we laughed together

she said and bad people also-
use it to drive you crazy too
i completed her sentence
we laughed again, at each other

Sonja, you know we burn our hair
when the moon full
so why you don’t just save it with yours

oh like that, she replied
well a ‘ont care how you want your hair plait your
am braiding ’em

(now she here talking ’bout
go look in the mirror see how pretty it is
as if a asked her summin’)

Boa Sr, the last member of the Bo tribe, who died in February 2010, sings.
65,000 year old language goes extinct as last speaker dies.

(top right image courtesy
Female figure on a gourd, Akan peoples, Ghana.  Late 19th to early 20th century Terracotta
The mudfish, crescent moon and star decorations establish this vessel as one commissioned for the grave of a chief or paramount chief. The musical instruments refer to the chief’s role as priest of the royal ancestral cult and have multiple meanings associated with proverbs, history and human relationships. The snakes, a Gabon viper and a boomslang, symbolize the chief as the ruler of both the forest and the savanna.


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