30 years and a picture later…

Liamuigua Caribbean

“Amor NanseNobo”
by  jermain ostiana

“Love BornKnew”
by cindy adrienne quashie

tur mi mamanan morto awo
No ta kla pa ta mi muhe

all ma mamas dead and gone now
ain’t ready to be ma woman

esun mas nechi, mas divino,
mas loko (tin bja)
no tabata kla pa ta mi mes muhe

the nice-nest,divine-nest
crazy-nest (some times)
wasn’t ready to be ma own woman

kanya ta bati mi piedra petru
Mama ta bisa miho bo no yora
Mester ta bo mes muhe

canes is pounding ma black rocks
mama say betta not cry
got to be yah own woman

lanta ariba, no tuma
No tin espasio pa puntra dikon
Tempu pa ta bo mes muhe

stand up, don’t take it
no space to question why
time to be ma own woman

mi tin mi mes bek ariba
Kla ku tuma kaka
Nan ta puntra dikon

got ma back up
done take shit
they dey wonder why

mi ta mi mes Muhe

iAm Ma Own Woman!


~ by brokepimpstyles on September 5, 2011.

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