American! Who You?


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i know what you heard, i know who told it to you, i did not come to call your believing absurd, i did not come to plead with you

for i too Am Human with my own heards and absurd beliefs. And I, American, bear ONLY the burden of My Own Joys and Griefs.

i care not who calls me ugly, still less who say spoiled, for such has oft been shouted by my own on my own soil. i Am American.

i come as always, before whomever i stand, with my norms, mores and every other descriptor of my clan. for i Am American.

it was my intent we greet as neighbors, strangers only ’til we said hello, but you thought your disfavor would make me bend down low

oh no, for i am American.

so no matter where we meet, in or outside my Land, anything you could think or say to me, will never shake my stand. i Am American.

you cannot fathom the journey i’ve traveled nor weathered the storms i’ve braved, so don’t ponder My American having been centuries enslaved

evil and injustice, care not for locale nor name, so your denial of your complicity will never be embraced as my blame. i Am American

speaking truth to light invites the whip and causes many to fear, but your cowardice is not a burden this beast will bare. i Am American

i have my own troubles, from days of mourning tears, i have my own trophies, from memories oh so dear. i Am American.

i pay for water in plastic bottles, for yours you walk some miles, i too worry if the future holds the dreams i had as a child

my formal education, holds no promise of a desk job, some family members are respected, me, am the neighborhood slob.  i Am American

in this World We share, Mother Earth birthed us best so neither you nor i would control but care for and protect.

I am American.
Who you?


~ by brokepimpstyles on May 2, 2011.

13 Responses to “American! Who You?”

  1. I am American, I am Muslim, Mostly I am your friend that loves you as a human being

  2. Great work Cindy… has me wonder – who AM I?

  3. Beautiful, passionate, and confident. Thank you for sharing. I’ll post to my followers. ; )

  4. Totally awesome!! Thank you for sharing it!

  5. Mitakuye Oyasin

  6. This is wonderful! I forgot that you wrote poetry!! Do you write fiction?

    • i have a novel i wrote (still waiting for the space to edit and update it’s from years ago with dated references) and also A Caribbean story written but meant to be displayed in the oral traditions. Do You write, also?

  7. “Speaking truth to light, invites the whip and causes many to fear” YEAH that’s that mantra!

  8. Poignant. Start Truth. Love it! Keep on Writing what your Spirit Tells you. Love & Peace,

  9. I am American. You got the mesaage through

  10. Your beautiful poem resonates passion and hope, knowing what is and what can be. Thank you for sharing. I am American, too. Write on. xo

  11. We are one

    ❤ from australia

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