Shaking Water

Pacific at sunset

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in me where lives the ties that bind Humans into One Family, i tremble with relief and grief. despair and hope, wont and longing

Japan is Earth’s Eldest Civilization, America, Her Youngest Nation. Two Empires forever bound by The Waves of An Ocean. Pacific!

Omniscient are those who brave this water. Pacific. Varied are Their Tomes. He of Roaring Beauty. She of Silent Ferocity. Pacific!

Gazing across to its Horizon is An Embrace of a Promising Future wherein Lives A Glorious Past. Pacific!

Within The Depths seem shallow to The un-angled who know The Base of its Reefs. Pacific!

Boastful recall eliminates Initial Dread when Long Boards pose in The Sand welcoming Twilight. Pacific!

Beaches now await the return of huge rambunctious waves to calm Land’s anxiety from the crush of a water wall. Pacific!

愛❤ 愛❤ 愛❤ 愛❤ 日本 ❤愛 ❤愛 ❤愛 ❤愛


~ by brokepimpstyles on March 12, 2011.

8 Responses to “Shaking Water”

  1. Thank you for your impressive Tribute Poem “Shaking Water”. It seems to drive the force home, i.e. the strength of this great body of water. I think it is ironic that Pacific means “Peace” when it force has so devastated the Island of Japan. The Gentle Waves Became ferocious and the land was transformed in it’s path of destruction, never to be the same.

  2. Thank you. That is a beautiful poem.

  3. Timely poem for a people in need of our prayers and thoughts. Continue to write. Continue to let your voice be heard.

    Peace and respect,

    Vernon aka “Negrointellect”

  4. Dear u, thx for taking us w u to b a little more present during this 3-part natural disaster and accompanying suffering. We wanted to before we knew it. Keep on

  5. Pacific!
    Very beautifull the way U find to express ur sorrow.

  6. you’re a loving human being, honor to know you

  7. Beautiful words as my heart breaks for Japan’s devastation and suffering. Japan is my birthplace, but America is my home. We are children of the earth, we are one. Compassion and love have no borders. Love to you my dear, sweet sister and thank you for this beautiful poem…..<3

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