Barack’n for Ma Folk

3. Martin Luther King, Jr., a civil rights act...

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Today, January 15th 1967 is the 44th anniversary of My Birth on Liamuigua-Oualie, Caribbean.
I am A Descendant of Akan, Kalinago, Galibi, Irish and Viking  peoples.
I am A Learning Addict and The great Wealth of My Life are The Elders from the 19th and early 20th century who were The Womb where I spent the first four and I now know formative foundation of My Life.

I was registered by informant in The British Colony of St.Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla on February 1st, 1967.
However, colonial law at the time stated you are from the Land of Your Mother’s birth.
To that end I am from Curacăo, Netherlands Antilles.

This week is the 100th BornDay Anniversary of  My maternal GrandMother, Miss Esther Pemberton
It is also Her 99th BornDay Anniversary.
The difference depends on the spelling fo Her middle name, Fredrica or Fredrika and whether the British or Dutch informant got paid for January 12, 1911 or January 11, 1912.

On January 15th, 1970, when I added “well Martin Luther The King birthday is today, so that is why i am not supposed to do anything but cool out,” as additional reason to “on my actually birthday, i didn’t do anything but cool out.”  a toddler’s justification for not wanting to help Her granny do any chores, My Granny laughed Her belly full remarking on how bright I was at such a young age.

I then asked about why She worked on Her birthday.
She told me She did not remember not working.
I asked Her if She was mad because She had two birthdays and that meant two days of work.
She replied, “Darling, We do not worry about small things.”

She then served me my favorite soursop and lemon grass leaves bush-tea with Johnny cakes.
We then  headed down Station Street to My Parents house, where they had current and I could watch Sesame Street.


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