tings a (re)learn maself

pressure can be a load unbearable, do not get down on yourself for feeling the weight of it all. that you can do that is a strength on to it and should be admired by you for you.

at times, getting, being or feeling isolated may seem to just jump on you, but that sneaky bastard had been creeping up while you were working and preoccupied with other matters.

there are many life changes and there is nothing wrong in handling them one at a time if that is what is needed for you to maintain a sense of self. talking with and listening to others, being spoken with and having others listen is not just vital but necessary.

never feel afraid to leave a place where that is not so. those who take a nonchalant attitude to what you face, while expecting you to call out the cavalry if their bag and nail polish are not an exact match, should be abandoned in a mall dressing room with their bag left on some miscellaneous counter.

as you grow, your interests and those who share them will change.  it is natural.  it is also natural to miss what was for it was known and comfortable.  but, what is often forgotten is that it was unknown and discomforting at first, until it became a part of you and you a part of it.

it is essential and necessary to take time and evaluate yourself just for you, not judge yourself too harshly, forgive yourself the errors of your ways, seek redemption for yourself from yourself because you are worthy of such grace.

do not tolerate the company of those who take from you most with only the most disrespectful of no-thanks, just for the sake of believing their company being better than being alone.

do not smile, unless you truly feel it, do not laugh at what you do not find funny, since people demand you answer how do i look in this, tell them the truth, it si not your fault if they cannot handle that truth they came seeking from you.

the only one you are obliged to lie to is yourself for yourself already knew you would be doing that and found the whole audacity of the idea wildly amusing.

religion is said to be the opiate of the masses, but you are not the masses and an opiate is a numbing addictiveness that demands full submission to its will.  you owe it to your soul to find a spiritual harmony in tune with your nature-real self.

when you feel boxed in, punch outwards, it is only cardboard paper, your fist will go through leaving a hole for light and air to enter so you can see and breathe.

schedule at least 30 minutes of your day to spend with yourself, stretch those moments out and enjoy all the sweetness inside.

i love you*


~ by brokepimpstyles on November 26, 2010.

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