0 – 100 #pOTreeInnaCity remix

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SIR Commander-in-Cheif SIR! .@Barack Obama How did U.S. get from Chicago, IL November 2008 to #FERGUSON, MO May 2014? SIR!
Mdm Cindy A Quashie .@brokepimpstyles Seattle, WA #USA


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ladies from European Courts who migrated to Africa, Asia and America AFTER The 1865 Geneva Convention birthed the false patriarchs administering EVERY #KillerCop #War.  If #DEMS run #Hilary2016, EARTH loses. 🔯  -cindyAquashie- 081514 11:11AM PDT SEATTLE, WA  🔯


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TwoDaze 1984 and Y2K callerhided  #poTreeInnaCity #GenXChete change your password #EndAparthied (july182oo4) fu$aymi😜

Act A Nazi

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end times war against
Palestinian Women
Israeli Children
coerced by Netanyahu’s
religious demands

@brokepimpstyles 07182014 Cindy Adrienne Quashie, Seattle WA USA #poTreeInnaCity

Dear Sir .@marclamonthill .@CNN .@BET .@huffpost

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as a #GenXer, artiste and owner of a n underground hip-hop magazine in 1990s MIAMI, I expect a certain level of cultural literacy and technological mastery from someone like yourself with the positions you hold.

But most important to me is the idea widely peddled by K-Street & Madison Avenue wherein my heritage and KinFolk are somehow simultaneously the origin of sin AND must be savior for all world sinners. 

Now, I do not know any of you gentlemen in any fashion.  I write to you to ask you take time to resolve that you are an outcast on 2014 Twitter because you have all the jobs that ’90s Miami refused. 

The one calling U.S. sinners (Huff post),
demanding saviors (CNN) and  pro-fan with  ‘promo-use’ only record collection (BET).

Mdm. Cindy A. Quashie, 
Seattle, WA
(FreeGround Magazine was created, owned and published by my sole proprietorship, Liamuiguan Caribs Syndicate in Opa Locka, FL)


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soccer sankofah
in the heart of America
Orinoco thru Amazon
cannabis and coca

You’re Welcome!

06.27.2014 05:20am PACIFIC

I am going to my neighborhood library today

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so much of everything in ma city rises and falls on money
where it floats and lands depends on one’s definition of wealth

case in point,
I have accepted full responsibility as the only openly (b)lack I know who has lived in my Belltown neighborhood for 15 years for (W)hite trash not being recyclable in downtown Seattle’s government and business offices.

no no no
it IS my fault. 
and here’s why

I cannot afford a subscription to the myriad of invisible velvet ropes strung about to delineate color lines, political denominations and religious partitions 
I speak as I live
that being

a subscription would allow for neat little square boxes with attached checklists so that I would know who to tolerate when and how they tolerate me.

so when the server at the library cafe barks orders about where she thinks her pointy hand will make me stand, my inner pirate wouldn’t be disgusted by the notion of a wench with access to the till.

I would instead pity her because it must be so hard having a clinton-era welfare-to-work job sans barista title while Monica does Vanity Fair.

I am going to my neighborhood’s public library to collect a book now available from a hold request.  While there amma chillax in the  ‘Living Room’ section, enjoy some music and eavesdrop on a conversation or two.

All the while living with the fact that this city’s color code requires black be garbage.



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